The two best high end hair dryers for anyone, especially a high end home hair tool fanatic like myself, are the BaByliss Pro BABFV2 and the Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Hair Dryer.

Before I do a thorough review on the two hair dryers, I would like to mention that the BaByliss Pro hair dryer has a special Ferrari edition! This hair dryer is called the BaByliss Pro Volare. Basically, the engine in the hair dryer is designed by Ferrari, probably my favorite super car company. This, in and of itself makes this hair dryer more luxurious and high end! There are two different versions of this hair dryer, which have all the same features, making only size a noticeable difference.

babyliss-babfv2-volare-hair-dryerBest High End Hairdryer

Babyliss pro volare black v2 ferrari designed porfessional luxury 2000 watt mid sized hair dryer tri port ionic generator. Turbo shot instant boost.

$194.99 on Amazon*

$199.99 at Sleek Hair*

BaByliss Pro BABFV2 Features:

Some of the features that this dryer comes with are a Ferrari designed engine, a turbo boost button, six heat/speed controls, two thin accessory nozzles, a tri-port ionic generator, and nano titanium technology. In addition to that, this product comes with a four-year warranty, made in Italy, and can handle 2000 watts of electricity. It comes in two different colors as well, which are red and black. Those two colors are very sleek and stylish for anyone and for any hair salon.

This high-end hair dryer definitely has some perks! Some of those perks include the fact that it dries hair much more quickly than others, and that it is a lot more quiet than the others. Because this hair dryer has ions helping to keep the hair from becoming frizzy, there normally is no need to additional products to reduce the frizz while blow drying! The cord of the blow dryer is also pretty long, which makes it easier to blow dry the hair without getting it in the way of other things.

Although the BaByliss Pro BABFV2 has a lot of perks, there are also some things not to love so much about it. One of those is the price of the product. Although it is a high-end product, the black one costs almost $200 while the red one costs over $200. Other than the fact that it has a Ferrari designed engine, it is unclear as to why one color blow dryer is more expensive than the other. One customer even said that the cord of the blow dryer “curls up too much”, which is a disadvantage of every blow dryer ever made. There are very few disadvantages to buying the product, like the two I mentioned, so buying it is definitely still a great investment for anyone who wants to style their or a client’s hair.

panasonic-high-end-nano-e-dryerRunner Up: Best High End Hair Dryer

Features mineral anion, a platinum anion, Hot-Cold rhythm mode, natural complexion mode, skin mode, a static-electricity-removal function, and many more high end functions. Best seller in the Japanese market!

$160 on Amazon*

$146.95 at Rakuten*

Close Runner Up: Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Hair Dryer

The features of this product contain a hot and cold head spa dryer, and it can handle 1200-1600 watts of electricity. The weight of the product is around 1.2 pounds, which is great for travel and for blow drying for long periods of time. This hair dryer also comes in three different colors, which are “rouge pink”, pale pink, and white. The newer version of this product comes in more colors, such as pink gold and “vivid pink”.

Some of the perks of using this blow dryer include the fact that it has multiple functions to cater to sensitive scalps and/or other types of hair and scalp issues, and it also dries most types of hair really fast! The hair dryer also gives a beautiful, shiny finish when used to dry wet hair.

This hair dryer also has problems, which includes the limited amount of colors it comes in, because although pinks are stylish colors, it would be nice to have other colors for those who may not like pink. Another problem associated with this hair dryer is the price. This costs around $164, which is not normally a price associated with most hair dryers. Some customers even have mentioned that this hair dryer is too powerful, since it is catered to thicker types of hair. Other than these problems, buying this hair dryer may still be a good investment to make!

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