Summer is here and the time for backyard get-togethers and entertaining is in full swing.   Having a comfortable place to sit on your patio or deck is one of the most important aspects of your design plan.  We sat, we spilled on, and we rearranged the best high end outdoor furniture from the top luxury brands available online.  Hands down the Ohana Collection of outdoor furniture takes the win by a huge margin.

The luxury Ohana brand of furniture is the most durable of all the wicker on the market and we loved the modular sets that are available.  Switching from 4 chairs and one loveseat to a couch and 2 chair set is perfect for entertaining different crowds of guests.  The high end materials used to make this furniture will keep the set looking fresh throughout all the seasons and steady use.

Best Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Ohana is known for its quality and extremely high reviews found online. Their wicker furniture is not only durable it is the most flexible when it comes to luxury designs.

There are several variations of the main set we featured, as well as dozens of colors of cushions and wood finishes to pick from.  Visit the Ohana Collection’s entire store here to choose a design that best suits your outdoor space and seating needs.

Our Test:

Since the furniture we chose to test came with separate cushions, we decided to test both in different areas.

The cushions got both a dark soda spill test, and an overnight rain test.  The soda was spilled onto the fabric, and left to dry for 2 hours in the sun.  We than scraped the residue and used our favorite high end cleaning spray to scrub and remove the stain.  For the rain test, the cushions were left on the furniture for a 6 – 8 hour rain storm over night and the results were documented after a half day of drying along with the furniture.

The furniture itself underwent the same rain test as the cushions did.  We also tested scuffing the side with a slightly abrasive cloth to see the effect on the paint and finish of the wood or wicker.

The final and main rating factor was the sitting test to feel the overall comfort of the furniture.  10 of us varying in height and weight tried sitting in all 3 chairs and couches to see what felt the best.

Extra points were added for the aesthetics of the set itself as well as any extra modular design and layout options for rearranging.

Having furniture that can survive a rainstorm sets apart the high end from the low.

Having furniture that can survive a rainstorm sets apart the high end from the low.

The Result:

The Ohana set we tested destroyed the competition in every single category.  Luxury patio furniture doesn’t get much better than this.  The set is also competitively priced for something so high end.  The comfort of the chair was superior and the Ohana line is extremely durable and made with quality materials.  We suggest taking a look at the collection for your next investment into your own private outdoor living space.

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